What is SEO? – Search Engine Optimization – Learn SEO Tips for 2014

What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and the best SEO software is SEOmoz: http://seomozpro.info. Learn several SEO tips for 2012 that actually work in today’s fast changing tech world. Search Engine Optimization is the process of ranking #1 in google, youtube, or any search engine. The main components of SEO are:

1. Content
2. Keywords
3. Domain Name
4. Backlinks
5. Traffic
6. Social Sharing and Interactivity

The most important element is getting backlinks. To get the best backlinks in the shortest amount of time, use the best SEO software out there called SEOmoz http://go.seomoz.org/SHM0. You can use this software http://go.seomoz.org/SHLy (Open Site Explorer) to check your competition’s backlinks and then go get those same backlinks. In addition, SEOmoz offers many other benefits such as keyword research and competitive analysis. Plus, SEOmoz has some of the best SEO training. Period. If you have to ask yourself what is SEO?, SEOmoz will have an article just for you. Take advantage of their limited time 30 day free trial now! http://seomozpro.info

If you’re serious about link building and SEO, use these 2 tools. LINK EMPEROR
http://goo.gl/IZc7XB and PENNY BACKLINKS – goo.gl/wUcAUz
I updated this video in 2014, so it’s relevant.

To watch this video again click here: http://youtu.be/VvXvOsPPfv4
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SEO and Web Marketing with Photographer Gavin Holt

Full article at – http://www.slrlounge.com/gavin-holt-web-marketing-seo-tips-for-photographers

If you are in Southern California and have attempted to market your photography business online, then you have probably run into Gavin Holt in the course of your research. Gavin’s background prior to photography was web marketing and SEO, hence for the past several years he has ranked at or near #1 in the Google organic search.

Now, if Gavin weren’t a great photographer, this SEO prowess wouldn’t serve much of a purpose. However, honestly speaking Gavin is one of the most talented and well versed photographers that I have met. While most photographers specialize in specific lighting techniques and subjects, Gavin is one of the only photographers that I have seen that has a broad body of work that is all equally impressive. His advertising, fashion, editorial, sports, and wedding photography are all equally impressive.

With his photography prowess and his SEO and web marketing skills, it is no wonder why Gavin runs one of the most successful photography businesses in Southern California. In this interview, we chat through Gavin’s photographic background and discuss quite a few tips and tricks to help you in your online marketing efforts! Apologies in advance, we recorded this fairly late in the evening, so we started losing light towards the end of the interview. Regardless, it still should prove quite informative. Enjoy!

See more of Gavin’s work at – http://www.holtp.com/

See more of Gavin’s wedding work with him and his wife Judy at – http://www.judyandgavin.com/

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SEO Tutorial – Search Engine Optimization to Get to the Top of Google

http://letsbuildwebsites.com/seo-tips-to-dominate-google/ This SEO tutorial shows you step-by-step how to do search engine optimization to get to the top of Google for a keyword that you choose. There are no tricks or secrets here, as it is just straightforward SEO.

To see more details and tips to follow up with this go to this link. http://letsbuildwebsites.com/seo-tips-to-dominate-google/

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SEO Meta Tags, URL Structure and Hierarchy with Cami Li

Take the QUIZ: https://codebabes.com/courses/seo-virgin/understanding-keyword-seo


Lets talk about a few simple things to do on your site to make Google love you. We’ll use our own sexy costume demo site as an example.

First, Google loves Title tags and they show up everywhere! The title tag is located in the head of an html page, so you don’t see it on the page, but Google sees it. Google sees everything. Google usually uses this title tag in search results as the first line, they also show up on browser tabs like this (gesture), and when you bookmark something, the title is used.

Let’s break down what you want out of a title tag. First it needs to describe what is actually on your web page. They need to be unique for each page, just like snowflakes, every one should be different and special. For instance, if you had a costume page of sexy firefighting and law enforcement costumes, that page title could be sexy public safety costumes.

Keep it brief and easy to read with important phrases at the front. Phrases people you want to find your site are searching for. We’ll show how to figure out what phrases to use later in this course, with keyword research.

Next is the description meta tag. This describes the pages content in a little more detail than the title tag. It also shows up in search results as the description like this. And, like the title tag, it should be unique for every page. But don’t write a damn soliloquy. Keep it brief.

Next you want your site to be organized. The better your site is organized, the better Google Bot crawls your content. You need a good hierarchy, which is reflected in your navigation and URL structure. Let’s do an example with our sexy costume site. We have a main costumes page where the url ends with ‘sexy-costumes’, then we’d also have a navigation link to that page in our main menu. Of course there are sub genres of sexy costumes, like healthcare, or historical, including classics like sexy nurse, or the always offensive sexy native american.

Now these categories would also be reflected in some kind of menu system, either on the side bar (beat) or a drop down menu. Its also good to have keywords in the URL related to the page content.

One rule to structure URL’s correctly is too think about what would happen if a user removed part of the url. If a user does, they should get navigated to a page within the hierarchy of your site, not 404 page not found error.

Those are a few of the things you can do, there’s tons more. We’ll put more tips in the description. Next we’ll talk about some great SEO tools.

Keep watching, I promise it’s worth it.

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How to SEO your website to rank top in Google

Learn this simple SEO tip to rank your website to top in Google results for any of the targeted keywords you choose.

In this video I am going to teach you
How to SEO your website to rank top in Google (Example Included)

Note: This is a simple SEO tip but need to research & work a little for implementing it.

Why content is King?

Users only want to learn new things.
Users only want useful contents.
Users want to learn very quick.
Users will share it if they are impressed.
That’s why new, useful, quality contents are always KING.

How Google finds a quality content?

Google’s Crawler is becoming Intelligent day by day, So it can read & find it useful or not as we can. This is only a basic evaluation.
The majority of the quality finding is done by checking how many links pointing towards that particular page. (Internal/External).
For external links Google checks whether that site is good or bad. Depending on this your site may be awarded or ignored or even penalized.
And the Anchor text used for each links.(This one is the key)

Anchor Text Importance in SEO

Anchor text is like a key to your article. Since the user only see the anchor text not the link.
Now you got the idea behind the ranking for your site.
Since this technique is hard to spam/fake, Google gives more priority apart from other ranking factors.
Now you may think “Then how to implement this technique?”
First of all analyse & research for keywords which more than 1000 users search for per month. You can use Google AdWords Keyword Tool, Google Trends, or even a survey.
Then include those keywords in future blog posts(no keyword stuffing).
Now link those keywords to other relevant blog posts of your site for which you wish to rank high in Google.

Evergreen contents are most Shared.

Write evergreen contents & link other evergreen contents of your blog using the keywords.

Writing evergreen contents has two benefits:

There will be lot of users want this always.
Lot of backlinks will get in the long run(Natural Backlinks which Google Loves)

Participate in forums that are related to your niche, & in social networks
But DON’T SPAM with links of your site, that may get penalized by Google & those forums too, Instead share knowledge with those, befriend & build a community there who loves you for the contribution you had done.
In forums, if any topic is related to any of your blog posts & if adding that link will help at least some of the members then only add your link with a keyword as anchor text.

In social networks, especially Google Plus, DON’T SPAM with your links everywhere, Instead build a community there too, share your knowledge, share others posts if you find it useful, respect others knowledge & queries.
For posting your link or sharing your blog posts think of this: Is those who see like this & get a click from at least some of them, if no then don’t post or share your link.

Link building is a very dangerous task in SEO, But its safe if you don’t spam those sites, in which you place your links.

Keywords: SEO, Link building, Top in Google, Google SEO, SERP, Backlinks SEO

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How to Build SEO-Rich Site: Top 9 Tips

People can easily build sites but getting traffic or visitors is not an easy task. This video tells you how to optimise your site for search so that it can become friendly to search engines and attract visitors.
Personal Development | Dynamic Personality | Career Skills | Success Secrets | Interview Tips | Business Success | Getting Jobs in Multinationals

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Weebly SEO – Site Description & Meta Keywords – Weebly Tutorials, Tips & Tricks (WeeblyTemplate.com)

VISIT US to see Beautiful Weebly Designer Templates and more FREE tutorials – http://DivTagTemplates.com

Weebly tutorials, tips and tricks on how to SEO Weebly website by creating Site Description and Meta Keywords in Weebly Editor.

Learn more on DivTag Templates’ offerings at http://DivTagTemplates.com

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Educating Young Entrepreneurs – TED Talk by Cameron Herold – SEO PRO, NYC – Business Tips

In this 2010 TED Talk by Cameron Herold, Cameron presents the idea that we should be encouraging entrepreneurship in the educational system and at home as opposed to the philosophy of “getting a good job”. An idea that I personally have believed for a long time. Entrepreneurs are what pushes us forward, a population that seems to be dwindling. – Lucas

See the video on the SEO PRO blog: http://www.seoproim.com/blog/business/educating-entrepreneurship/

SEO PRO – New York SEO Company
353 W 48th St., #421
New York, NY 10036
P: (917) 275-7759

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10 Best Free SEO Tools of 2011

http://www.skyboxcreative.com – We’ve gathered the 10 Best SEO Tools for 2011 and deliver them in this quick, funny video. Spend 3 minutes with us and save yourself the trouble of researching the best Search Engine Optimization tools online. Skybox SEO, located in San Diego, provides Organic SEO services to companies across the U.S. For more SEO tools and SEO tips: http://www.skyboxSEO.com

All the links can be found in this article: http://skyboxseo.com/search-engine-optimization-tools/10-best-seo-tools-2011.html

Starring Angelina Sereno and Chris Decatur.

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How to use Meta Tags to Rank Your Site on Page 1 of Search Engines

http://www.sonnyahuja.com/35-seo-tips-becoming-seo-expert/ Find out how you can use Meta Tags like Title Tag, Description tag & Keywords to rank your website on page one of search engines. Click on the link above to see 35 more SEO tips & tricks.

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